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NeighborWorks Works - a weekly newsletter highlighting the NeighborWorks network
Financial knowhow helps to avoid scams
Green circle with white text that states: 21% of consumers with income below $75,000 reported being the victim of a financial scam
In an ever-expanding, digitally connected world, scammers increasingly take advantage of unwitting consumers. The deception comes in many forms, including tax-collection cons, vacation scams, phishing attempts to get account information and phony sales calls. Approximately 40,700 scams were reported to the Better Business Bureau's Scam Tracker in 2017, up from nearly 34,000 the previous year. Given that 21 percent of participants in NeighborWorks America's recent consumer finance survey reported being the victim of a financial scam, and 26 percent said they knew someone who had been targeted, there are likely more scams reported to other organizations or not even reported at all. 
Everyone's at risk, but some populations are more vulnerable than others, including the elderly and people in debt, according to a report by AARP.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of National Consumer Protection Week (March 4-10), and NeighborWorks America is partnering with the Federal Trade Commission to provide consumers with resources and education to help them make well-informed financial decisions and, ultimately, be better prepared to avoid being the target of a scam.
Prevent contractor scams
Text graphic that states: Don't let your recovery become a disaster and offers information to report a scam
Unscrupulous contractors often prey on residents reeling in the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Use this infographic from NeighborWorks America to prevent scammers from finding targets and learn how to choose a legitimate contractor.
CONNECT offers one-stop 'shop' to promote financial stability
Two women sits at a table and examine a document
The Neighborhood Developers, a Chelsea, Massachusetts-based NeighborWorks network member, partners with other organizations to provide low-income residents a comprehensive range of financial capability services—all in one place.
Texas coalition offers alternative loan service
Grayscale photo of a payday lending storefront
The need for access to fast, emergency cash is real for many Americans. But too often, it leads to trouble when residents resort to payday loans with high interest rates that they can’t afford.

In Texas, network member Community Development Corporation of Brownsville came together with several organizations and businesses to offer affordable small-dollar loans.
NeighborWorks loses community leader
Janet Simmons sits on a brown couch in a brightly-lit room
Janet Troutman Simmons, a 2017 recipient of the Dorothy Richardson Award for Resident Leadership, died on Jan. 31 at the age of 90. She embodied the NeighborWorks tradition of service that organizations throughout the national network celebrate, share and promote.

Known for her talents and tireless efforts as an affordable housing advocate, Simmons was a board member of Aeon, a NeighborWorks America member in Minnesota.

It is fitting that we honor her years of service and her memory during Women’s History Month. Read her story to learn more.
Green circle with white text that reads: NeighborWorks organizations assisted 62,134 African American renters and homeowners in FY 2016

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