A weekly newsletter highlighting the NeighborWorks network
NeighborWorks Works - a weekly newsletter highlighting the NeighborWorks network
Celebrating 40 years of community development impact
In 1978, the average home price in the United States was approximately $62,000. The median income was $15,000, and the cost of a loaf of sliced bread was about 33 cents. In the same year, the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation was created by an act of Congress. In signing the bill, President Jimmy Carter noted: "If we are to save our cities, we must revitalize our neighborhoods first. If we are to save our country, we must first give our families and our neighbors a chance."
A lot has changed in the last four decades, but the spirit of Carter's words continues to remain central to the mission of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, better known today as NeighborWorks America. More than just a milestone date marked on the calendar, this year we celebrate 40 years of providing grants, technical assistance, training, public outreach and strategic partnership development that have helped to invigorate community development, improving lives and opportunity throughout the United States.

Since its founding, the NeighborWorks network of organizations (now more than 245 nonprofits in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) has helped an estimated 4 million families with affordable housing and provided an estimated $70 billion in total investment.
Stories and stats: NeighborWorks America's impact map
Text graphic that features two blue hands shaking hands and text that says: 455,097 total housing and counseling services provided
In the field of community development, change is a constant. NeighborWorks America is committed to driving and sustaining positive change, and to documenting what's effective and what's not.
With national and state-by-state statistics and stories, our impact map showcases the NeighborWorks network's accomplishments in FY 2017 and charts a course for work yet to be done.
Leap of faith leads to business ownership in a rural South Dakota community
A white woman wearing a headband stands in front of a chalkboard with colorful text
After facing unemployment when the department store she worked in closed, a young woman turned to NeighborWorks network member GROW South Dakota to help make her dream of owning her own beauty salon a reality.
Forgivable loans: A uniquely-effective strategy in expanding opportunities for wealth accumulation
A couple stands on the steps of their new home
To meet New York City's affordable housing challenge, network member Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City offers integrated homeownership services that help low- and moderate-income families.
Community conversation: Greta Harris, president and CEO, Better Housing Coalition
Greta Harris, president & CEO of Better Housing Coalition
As part of our coverage of Women's History Month, NeighborWorks Works has discussed community development issues and trends with a few of the women at the helm of NeighborWorks organizations.

In this installment, Greta Harris, president and CEO of the Better Housing Coalition in Richmond, Virginia, talks about creating affordable housing, her organization's impact in the community and how to best leverage resources to achieve wide-ranging goals.
Green circle with white text that reads: NeighborWorks organizations assisted 62,134 African American renters and homeowners in FY 2016

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